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ShopTek Rotary Screws (5-20HP) + ES-6 Encapsulated Screws (5, 7.5 & 10HP)

The Sullair ES-6 and ShopTek line of compressors are available as a complete Performance Air System for small HP applications. Performance Air System packages include the Sullair compressor, Sullair refrigerated air dryer, Sullair inline air filter, and your choice of an 80 or 120 gallon receiver tank. (80 gallon tank pictured).

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S-Energy VSD + Fixed Speed Rotary Screws (15-100HP)

Sullair's 15 - 100 hp stationary compressors feature the S-energy® series of quiet running, small footprint lubricated compressors in fixed speed and Variable Speed Drive options. S-energy® compressors offer Sullair reliability in the most compact, robust, quiet, and maintenance-friendly compressor package available on the market. Multiple features of the S-energy® Series have revolutionized serviceability and provide a cleaner, safer work environment as well as a more cost effective compressor. All standard maintenance can all be performed from one side.

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Single-Stage Large Electric VSD + Fixed Speed Rotary Screws (125-350HP)

Sullair's 125 - 350 hp offering of lubricated stationary compressors offer higher air volumes backed by the most robust constant and variable speed drives with single-stage compression. Sullair has the most dependable air end designs in the industry; delivering over 100,000 hours of continuous service. 

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Two-Stage Large Electric VSD + Fixed Speed Rotary Screws (100-600HP)

Sullair two-stage, or tandem, compressors use two sets of rotors arranged in an end-to-end design for unmatched efficiency; typically showing a two-year payback on energy savings compared to a single-stage compressor. Capacity is matched to system need for reduced cycle time and longer life. These units are 13% more efficient than single-stage screw compressors at full-load operation and 30% more efficient at part-load. Sullair offers 13 constant speed models ranging from 100 to 600 HP (74.6 to 447.6 kW), 500 to 3000 acfm (14.0 to 85.0 m3/min), and 100 to 175 psig (7 to 10 bar).

Two-Stage Lit    Contact for more info.

Centrifugal Large Electrics

Starting September 1st, 2023 we will be implementing a 3.5% processing fee on all Credit Card orders.

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