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Equipment Seminars

Peerless Energy Systems offers customer maintenance and equipment training on all major rotary screw air compressor brands. Typically we will hold these seminars twice a year, and tuition covers breakfast, lunch, and a dessert bar.

Contact us now for more information on our next training session. Attendance is limited to 30 people; and participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Training Curriculum - for more info on training:

  • Introduction

  • Identify Common Machine Air Problems

  • Addressing attendees' specific compressor issues

  • Air End

  • Theory of Operation

  • Basic Components

  • Variable Geometry and Energy Savings

  • Discharge System

  • System Overview

  • Discussion of Discharge System Elements

  • Inlet Filtration

  • Air/Fluid Separation

  • Cost Comparison

  • Fluid Carryover

  • Air Dryers and Systems

  • Cooling and Lubrication System

  • System Overview

  • Discussion of System Components

  • Components

  • Function

  • Fluid Filtration

  • Troubleshooting overheating problems

  • Compressor Lubricants

  • Function

  • Properties

  • Types

  • Control Systems

  • Theory of Operation

  • Discussion of the Control System

  • Function

  • Troubleshooting

  • Repair

  • Control Adjustments

  • Supervisor Controller

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