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  • High Efficiency VSD

  • Energy Saving "Spiral Valves"

  • Fixed Speed 

  • Rotary Screw 5-600 HP

  • Oil Free Sullair/Hitachi DSP screw and SRL scroll units

  • Sullair IHI Centrifugals

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Oil Free Air Compressors

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Sullair/Hitachi DSP Rotary Screws and SRL Scrolls

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Sullair Portable Air Compressors

  • 185 to 1800 CFM

  • Sullair Electric Portables 

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Sullair leads the industry in portable construction and industrial air compressors. Sullair's full line of portable rotary screw compressors (125 to 1600 cfm) come in standard, high pressure, and utility models. They are designed for total accessibility and reliability. All of our portable compressors can be towed on the highway. Mounting options include single-axle, tandem axle, four-wheel steer able and without running gear. Our portables are powered by Caterpillar® and John Deere® diesel engines.

Independent Compressor Partners (ICP)

  • 5-30hp Reciprocating Compressors

  • Climate Controlled Compressors 1-7.5hp

  • Oil Free "Medical Air" Compressors

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  • Oil Free Air & Gas Compressors

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Starting September 1st, 2023 we will be implementing a 3.5% processing fee on all Credit Card orders.

Sullair Compressor
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