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Tips to Help Your Industrial Air Compressor Withstand the Summer Heat

With summer here, most of us only want to think about sunny days, beaches, barbecues, and baseball games. One thing to avoid ‘playing games’ with is your industrial air compressor maintenance.

It is important to maintain your air compressor year-round, but especially when summer is on the horizon. Hot and humid temperatures can make the air compressor exert more effort, which is why users want to make sure their compressor is in tip-top shape to withstand the summer heat.

Not sure where to get started? Here are a few quick tips for your entire compressed air system, including:

  • Oil flooded air compressors

  • Oil free air compressors

  • Air treatment equipment

Perform preventative maintenance

Regular maintenance is a major key to help keep your industrial air compressor running well for the long haul. When temperatures increase in spring and summer, a neglected compressor will start to show signs of abandonment.

Help prepare this essential piece of equipment for summer heat by taking steps including:

1. Clean the coolers

Check and clean the coolers often. Dirty coolers can cause the compressor to overheat, which leads to unreliable performance—or even unplanned downtime. Cooler cleaning intervals vary among applications. If the compressor is in a dirty or dusty environment, it’s crucial to check and clean the coolers more frequently.

2. Ensure thermal valves are working properly

Elevated discharge temperatures are a sign that your thermal valve may be malfunctioning. There are several conditions that can cause discharge temperatures to rise. If you notice cooling system issues, it’s important to address these right away.

3. Check fluid levels often

Fluids are the lifeblood of your compressor. Levels should be checked daily to help ensure top performance.

4. Installation site is critical

How and where the compressor is installed is key. You do not want to install the compressor in an enclosed room without proper ventilation or cooling. Otherwise, the compressor may overheat, which then leads to unscheduled and costly downtime.

Additionally, you do not want to install an industrial air compressor in an area with a high amount of particulate. That can clog a cooler and cause overheating.

Lastly, you do not want to install a machine where the ambient temperature exceeds the specified range of acceptable temperatures.

Don’t let little issues become big ones

Compressed air systems are a critical piece of your operation. Make sure you are checking on the system frequently, so you can address small issues early before they turn into big ones—including unplanned downtime.

By maintaining open communication, small issues can be caught early before they become true issues. Communication is critical to help prevent unplanned downtime.

Sullair can help

Sullair and our network of Authorized Sullair Distributors are true compressor experts. They are fully equipped to provide localized service and maintenance to help keep your operation running smoothly.

No matter the weather, make or model, Authorized Sullair Distributors are committed to providing expert service and maintenance to take the worry out of your operation. So you can get out there and enjoy the baseball game or barbecue while your compressed air system stays calm, cool and collected.


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