ICP 5Hp Air-Cooled Reciprocating Air Compressor Model-#ICP-B53V84-208-230/460/3/60-Elite; 19CFM @ 175PSIG, Mounted on 80G Vertical ASME Coded Tank.


ICP 5Hp High Efficiency Reciprocating Air Compressor Model-#ICP-B53V84-208-230/460/3/60-Elite. The compressor is air-cooled, 208-230/460/1/60 voltage, it will deliver 19CFM @ 175PSIG. The compressor is tank mounted on an 80 Gallon ASME coded vertical air receiver. It features a Solid cast iron pump with HD oversized Stainless Steel Disc and spring valves, it has a Centrifugal un-loader, the pump is designed for maximum output and HIGH volumetric efficiency (over 84% efficient) with a Low pump RPM pump, The pump features-oil sight glass, oil drain and fill on front of compressor pump, 80% duty cycle, two piece connecting rods with rod inserts, oil control ring & three compression rings for longer run life and improved efficiency, HD oversized taper roller bearings on both ends of the crankshaft for long life, wrist pin needle bearings, oversized built in inner cooler less likely to get damaged and sized for better inner cooling and most efficient volumetric efficiency.


The ICP compressor package features a Heavy duty Premium Efficiency EPACT NEMA motor; this is typically 2% more efficient than a high efficiency and it is a TRUE NEMA frame motor, V-belt drive system, OSHA style totally enclosed belt guard, HD steel enclosure intake filter silencers with 5 micron filter element, adjustable motor mounting, pressure switch, tank pressure gauge, ASME coded pressure relief valve. This is an "ELITE" Series and also includes- Full Voltage Starter Mounted & factory pre wired, Low Oil Monitor that is mounted and pre wired and Vibro Tank Isolator Pads.


Flat Shipping Cost FOB Delivered
Vertical or Horizontal Vertical
Horsepower 5
Gallon Size 80
Voltage 230/3/60
Weight 650
Depth 26"
Height 79"



*NOTE: 5HP Elite Units do not have Aftercoolers


Product Code: ICP-B53V84-230/3/60-Elite

ICP 5Hp 3-Phase Air-Cooled Reciprocating Air Compressor