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We have you covered 24/7.  


Capability to capture, monitor, and store data for Compressed Air and Related Equipment, Power and Generators, Utilities, HVAC, Water, Production Floor Equipment


Connection via Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, ASCII, CAN, 4-20mA / 0-10V



Machines - Sensors - Controllers

Alerts -- Text – Push Notifications  Alert Trees


Service Calls – Escalation --Trackers

24/7 Alerts and Monitoring, Trend Analysis, Technician Support, Service Call Generator, Electronic Tickets, Automatic Tickets, Data Logging, System Tracker, Utility Costing Tools, Machine Optimization, Forensics, Reporting

Monitor… Everything

All OEM’s, Flexible Installation using pre-existing devices and machines. Virtually any piece of equipment, device, machine, controller or sensor that generates data can be attached.


Alerts… Based on your needs

Custom Alerts to reduce unexpected downtime, be proactive not reactive, maximize staff effectiveness, catch problems before they shut down production


Share… To optimize performance and reporting

Leverage all your resources and contractors. Data can be securely shared across the organization and externally for reporting, remote analysis and forensics

Actions… Fix problems fast

Automatic Tickets, Equipment Orders, 3rd Party Service Call Generators, Follow-up Confirmations, Prioritize Maintenance


Transmit… Equipment status

Secure communications, fast and customizable sample rates


Analyze… For machine optimization

Insight to Equipment Performance, Fine Tune Alerts, SLA/Performance Evaluations, Improvement Feedback, Long Term Data Storage Options


Scale… Single Site, Multi Site and Enterprise

Mix and match to your exact requirements. No geographical limitations

One central location to monitor all your systems

Universal Web Based Interface

Ease of use for all platforms – Desktop, Mobile, Tablet and Remote Displays


Real Time Monitoring

RIO’s new real time, interactive dashboard displays live events, alarms, and recent system activities. The Dashboard provides all users the ability to acknowledge and manage alerts with a click of a button. 


Integrated Multi-Site Support

One dashboard for multi-site organizations. RIO provides the ability to group equipment into multiple primary and secondary sites. Each site contains independently managed monitoring and alerts.

3rd Party Alerts and Service Calls

Automatically forward alerts to 3rd Parties, such as your service and maintenance contractors. Staff and all external contractors can receive alerts and respond to automatic service calls. 3rd Parties with a RIO Service subscription can provide remote monitoring, alerts and analysis 24/7 allowing you to maximize your staff effectiveness.


Scheduling Alerts

Customize the alert schedules that are important to your organization. RIO’s Alert platform allows for flexible alerting with escalation.

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Quincy Compressors
Kaeser Compressors
Ingersoll Rand
Elmo Rietschle
Gardner Denver
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